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Buying Wheel and Tyre Packages

Posted by on Mar 8, 2020 in Bolt Pattern, Discount Tyres, Wheel Packages, Wheel Specs, Wheels and Tyres | 0 comments

Wheels and tyres can greatly affect how a vehicle looks and handles. However, there are many considerations to make when choosing wheels and tyres for your car. The simplest way to find the right package is to shop according to your car’s model and make; those wanting custom wheels need to know about rim and tyre specs. Here, wheel buyers will learn about rim and tyre specifications, and about plus sizing.


Wheel Specs

A car’s wheels and rims are among its most attention-getting parts. Chrome rims offer style, while steel rims can stand up to the toughest driving conditions. Whichever material you choose, your wheels need to have the right dimensions for your car. Below is some basic information on wheel construction and measurement.

  • Rim width is used to determine which cheap tyres sydney nsw can be used. It’s measured from the inside of a flange to the inside of the other flange. Overall width includes each side’s bead thickness, and can vary depending on the wheel’s material.
  • Rim diameter is the distance from the lower to the upper bead, not including rim flanges. The diameter is where the tyre sits, not the entire rim diameter. It’s typically measured by the inch, but metric wheels are measured by the millimeter.

Bolt Pattern

Wheels can have up to eight bolts on the hub, and the number of studs is related to the vehicle’s size. The spacing between studs varies widely, and bolt pattern is one of the most important considerations when buying wheels. To measure bolt pattern, note the distance from the center of a bolt hole to the center of the one opposite. Bolt pattern is measured in millimeters, given along with the number of studs.


Wheel offset is the distance between the rim’s center line and the mounting surface. Zero offset means that hub and center line are even, and positive offset wheels have a mounting surface toward the front side of the wheel. Negative offset wheels have a mounting surface situated toward the brakes. Wheel offset is measured in millimeters, and it affects handling and suspension as well as aesthetics. Backspacing is closely related to offset; it’s the distance between the wheel’s inside lip and the mounting surface.


Tyre size, section width and aspect ratio all play a role in selecting a wheel and tyre package. Most new 4X4 tyres have sizing information printed in a format listing the width in millimeters, the aspect ratio and the diameter in inches. Use this information to find a set of tyres from your nearest tyre shop that works with the new rims you’ve just selected.

Finding the Right Pair of Cheap Tyres in Sydney

Posted by on Feb 9, 2020 in Discount Tyres, Wheels and Tyres | 0 comments

Everybody likes to get a bargain price but at the same time they want to pay for something that will be worth it. Similarly tyres are no exception and no matter how cheap they are, you always want to make sure that they will last as long as possible with a decent performance.


Shop Around For the Best Deals:

When you shop around for the best tyres, you will find deals in the medium to high range, which will save you money both on the short term as well as the long term. Owning a prestigious vehicle makes an awesome statement as it features cutting-edge performance for a decent price tag!

A car’s tyres are a fundamental component of the security and performance of the vehicle. This is the most important feature that you need to maintain in a car. Purchasing new tyres online have become a burden as car owners are not aware of what they require and also how much they should be paying for it.

Finding the Perfect Balance between Quality and Quantity:

After a period of heavy usage, the tyres will automatically start wearing down. They will need an examination at regular intervals and ultimately the time for replacement will approach.

You can opt for cheap tyres Sydney since they offer similar performance as mid-range tyres. You need a tyre to last no matter what its price is. You can check the quality and the condition of your tyre by doing a penny test. In this process, a penny is inserted into the treads of a tyre.

If the head completely disappears into the tread, it means that the tyres are okay and they do not need a replacement yet. However, if the tread turns out to be low, it is time to get a proper replacement or make sure a restoration is done.

Perform Tests to Ensure the Well-Being of Your Tyres:

The penny test needs to be performed on the surface width of the tyre, which includes both the center and edges. At the same time, irregular wearing on the surface of the tyres is another indication that your tyres need to be restored or replaced.

The ideal time to grab a new pair of Cheap Tyres in Sydney is during the winter season. It is important for the treads to be deep enough to run smoothly in snowy conditions. You should try finding a cheap 4X4 tyres alternative or choose the best product that fits the bill!

Getting a New Set of Nissan Navara Wheels Online

Posted by on Apr 21, 2019 in Wheel Packages, Wheel Specs, Wheels and Tyres | 0 comments

The Nissan Navara 4×4 Pickup is one of the most successful trucks in its class. For a vehicle that weighs over 2 tons, the Nissan Navara’s performance is nothing short of surprising. If you want to give your Navara a performance boost, you should opt for lightweight wheels!

Wheels for the Nissan Navara are easily available at most dealerships around the country and these Nissan Navara wheels are designed exclusively keeping in mind the basic usability of the vehicle.


The Importance of Alloy Wheels:

The alloys used on the Navara are lightweight but robust, which decreases the chances of cracks and any other forms of accidental damage that might appear over time. Let’s be honest, the Navara is built to work like a workhorse and it would not have made sense to install wheels that made it a Disney princess.

As a result, most major manufacturers have come up with their innovative solutions for the alloy problem. These alloy wheels are lighter than their steel counterparts, enhancing overall body balance, increasing the fuel economy of the ride, as well as improving performance, both off the line and at a stretch.

Getting the Right Fitment:

Installing alloy car rims also enhances the visual aesthetics of your Navara beyond the scope of any other type of cosmetic upgrades. Hence, it makes more sense to invest in a sturdy set of 4X4 wheels than make individual upgrades to increase the performance, fuel economy and visual aesthetics.

However, some of you might still be skeptical about the overall experience of owning vehicles fitted with alloy wheels. Some of you might have owned alloy wheels in the past, and the experience might not have been a pleasant one.

However, there are certain tricks that you must know in order to ensure that the alloy wheels don’t give up on you in the middle of the road. Check your Nissan Navara wheels for dents or cracks each week or after every long-distance journey.

This will save you from any embarrassing situations the next time you take your Navara out on the roads. Also drive carefully while going over bumps, since these are the primary cause of broken alloy rims.

The Importance of Maintaining Your Tyres:

Also check the tyre pressure regularly, since high tyre pressure is a major reason for concern. While low tyre pressure negatively affects the handling and fuel economy on your Navara, high tyre pressure exerts greater force on the wheels, every time you hit a rut.

Hence, the tyre pressure must be just right. For additional information, check out the Nissan owner’s manual.

If you are looking for Nissan Navara wheels or 4X4 bull bars, you might try looking online, since the best deals are often found on the internet. However, shopping online has its risks, hence, make it a point to check out the seller’s credentials before investing.

Certain sellers might not ship to your location. Hence, take care of all technicalities before investing.